The reason why I still can’t forget about organics


The main reason that
we are not happy with organic products in the markets is
the sizes (sometimes we also see the problem with freshness).

For example, compare the onions:
“Same price, but smaller” which means organic is a lot more expensive.

Well, I am an organic person, but…
at this point, I feel like that’s not fair.
So, I tried to compare the taste of each of the onions;
well, the organic onion won.
I meant the organic onion was sweeter than the regular one.


Believe it or not, organic tastes better.
Actually in many cases,
I have done this test with other vegetables
that I have grown in my garden.
This is the reason why I still can’t forget about organics.


And who doesn’t want  a clean and tasty food?
Are you asking me,
“Is organic better for your health?”
Then, this is my answer, “I don’t think the pesticides are good for you”.

I just want a better price on organics.
Otherwise I should grow more vegetables
in my palm-size garden.

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