Hi, Lilac ^^ The Flowers in Mid-April at Our Backyard

The Flowers in Mid-April in Our Backyard:
Lilacs, Privets, Azaleas, Apple Blossoms,
strong fragrance spreads everywhere,
while birds chirping fills the morning.


The First Blooming Year of our Lilacs

The lilac season has started at our back yard;
This is the first year of blooming since they were planted 3 years ago.
So, it’s more pleasing to me.

Dark Purple Lilac flowers

I admire the deep purple and delicate lilac appearance.
The scent of lilac is profound, but yet pure.
For me, it reminds of schoolgirl days when we
used to chat under the wisteria trees.
It’s maybe because lilac and wisteria flowers
have a very similar aroma.

Light Purple Lilacs
Light Purple Lilac Flowers

Wisteria is a vine, and creates summer shade.
But, lilac seems like common leafy trees while they are growing,
Then one day, they suddenly appear along with a beautiful scent.
Every branch of beautiful flowers you see.
The plant is a great surprise to the owner of the garden.

Privet(Ligustrum) Shrub:

Privet(Ligustrum) Shrub

When the shrubs grow and widen with the width,
more highly scented flowers appear
with a pretty floral fragrance …
No one knows the scent of the Privet shrub flowers
until one comes closer to the Privet shrub.


Azaleas in shade

Since azaleas love the shade,
they are in their favorite spot, near the front gate of the yard.
But the spot is a blind spot in our backyard;
so it is easy to miss the time when the flowers begin.
They are sort of secretly blooming in our backyard.

The deep pink Azaleas are beautiful
fully blooming without missing any bud.
And when they fall,
Azaleas completely destroy the body
without leave any petal.
So, I do not want to miss out our Azaleas’
very temporary life in Spring.

Apple Blossoms:

Apple Blossoms

Pear and cherry blossom time’s are gone.
Now it’s the season of apple blossoms.
Apple blossoms are cuter than pear blossom.
Maybe because they start to bloom with pretty pink.

The Scene of Our Backyard in Mid-April:

A part of Our Back Yard
A part of Our Back Yard

Our Pear trees are starting to bloom early and bear fruit.

We planted apple and pear trees on each sides of
the big shady maple tree in the middle.

The lush-leafy tree is the cherry tree, and we
have not seen one fruit so far.

Some of the side and front view of the backyard.
Some of the side and front view of the backyard.

The garden was designed in a U-shape so we
cannot see the whole area in one photo.
On the north and south sides,
a vegetable garden is on the south and a
azalea garden is on the north.
Here in Washington State, in the Northwest corner of USA it is not warm yet.
Most of our flowers are still not blooming, so
I cannot show you all the flowers yet.

All the pictures and video were taken in the early morning.
The morning time is when bird’s have meeting ?
The noisy bird chirping sounds were recorded in the video.

Enjoy ^^

One day, early in the morning of mid-April 2015
At Yujin’s Organic Garden

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