Author’s Greeting

Hello, Everyone.
Thank you for visiting my blog.


My name is Yujin Hwang.
I am a Korean cook blogger and
the author of Organic Food Table, known as the one who
caused the boom in the world of Organic and Fruit enzymes.

Today is the day that my English blog history has started.
But, I have been researching a healthy life for nine years.
My studies have included healthy food and products to help all of us
through our daily lives and achieve a healthy lifestyle and longevity.
And social networking has helped me in sharing my knowledge
about healthy cooking and life for the public; almost 500 of my articles have been on the front-Main page of Korean Portal Websites
during my 9 years blogging history.

I know that we have never met in person,
but I consider that you all are my close friends.
Especially to my long term VIP fans,
I appreciate that all of you have always supported me.

We are building our meaningful time together in my new English blog.
And I have a plan to post a lot more healthy recipes.
Please ask me any questions by comments.

Thank you again for visiting with me.
I hope to see you all in the near future in my fan meeting.
God bless you and remember healthy food, healthy living.

April 2015
From, Yujin Hwang

E-mail Contacts:

Yujin A. Hwang;
Author of Organic Kitchen Table, Korean- US Citizen.
10 million people have visited her powerful cook blogs
-see more at

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